You Won't Believe How Creepy These Vintage Clown Photos Are

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Clowns are supposed to be happy-faced comic performers who entertain children at parties or the circus, but have you ever met anyone who actually likes clowns? We didn't think so. There is such a large number of people who are terrified of clowns that the phobia even has a name: coulrophobia. Maybe it's their garish colors, crazy hair and exaggerated face paint that makes people run for the hills when they are around. Pop culture has tapped into our fear of clowns with movies such as Poltergeist and It, the latter featuring Pennywise the clown.

The only thing scarier than a clown trying to be frightening is a vintage picture of a clown who probably thought they looked cheerful and fun. The photographic evidence of vintage clowns that we've found suggests a long history of clowns giving people the creeps. Whether they are professional circus clowns, stars of silent films, or just party clowns, all of these guys are pure nightmare fuel. We're not sure who would sign up for a fun time with these creatures around, but they are made of stronger stuff than we are.

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