25 Extremely Dumb Leaders From World History

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Oof, these people.

There have been countless nations in the history of the world, with even more countless rulers in charge of those nations. Some of these rulers have been brilliant, managing their countries to great heights, fixing societal ills, and using power justly and fairly. Others have been complete and total monsters, ruling brutally and unjustly for the sake of their own power or in zealotic thrall to insane ideas. Then there's a third type: complete and total morons who couldn't manage a Sunglass Hut, let alone an entire country.

Statistically, it had to happen; considering how many rulers and political figures there have been over the course of time, not all of them could be winners. And oh, there have been so many, like the German ruler who bankrupted the country through his obsession with fairy tales, or the German ruler who essentially caused the rise of the Third Reich, or the German ruler who invaded Russia for no good reason. And that's just Germany! France, England, the US, Burma, Canada, Russia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe -- there's no shortage of incompetent leaders from around the globe. Ready to read about some of the dumbest leaders ever? Here are 25 of them. Get Started