19 Of The Weirdest Things That Ever Happened In History

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How did any of these things happen?!

History is chock full of weird occurrences -- if you've ever spent five minutes on the internet, you've run into some truly weird but completely true tales about human history. To be fair, we also have a tendency to make up equally weird and salacious stuff with no basis in reality (no, Catherine the Great did not die due to an amorous encounter with a horse), but that's even stranger considering how many wacky things are completely true! Some of these you might be familiar with -- you might know the many ways Grigori Rasputin met his end, or how like 10% of Central Asia is descended from Genghis Khan, or which US president lost his life because his doctors had the brainpower of concussed goldfish -- and some you might not be, like how a major world power once lost an armed conflict to a bunch of flightless birds, or the Swedish king who ate himself to death, or the time Boston was menaced by a 15-foot high tsunami of molasses cruising at 35 miles per hour. Hey, we weren't kidding when we said history is weird.

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